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Good Things CAN Happen During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is going retrograde! The internet is buzzing with panic, confusion and worry over this astrological phenomenon.

It's true that during this time, communication is extra challenged and we can feel very scattered and unproductive. We might even want to run for the hills and hide until Mercury turns direct. But what if there were some positive things about Mercury in Retrograde? What if we could actually use this time to our advantage? Good news! There are many ways of using this energy to do some deep healing work and even manifest some of your goals. Luckily, we're here to help!

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself during Mercury retrograde (and why it's not necessarily a bad thing).

How do I Know if Mercury is Retrograding?

Mercury in retrograde is an astronomical phenomenon that causes the planet Mercury to appear to be moving backwards through the sky. It occurs three times a year, and lasts for about three weeks each time. Mercury is the planet that rules communication and travel, so when it's in retrograde, there can be some major hiccups to deal with. All forms of communication can be affected: phones, email, text messages, even snail mail! It can be hard on you if you don't know what to expect.

Look for signs! A good way to tell if Mercury is retrograding is if everything seems to be going wrong at once—you might have trouble communicating with someone who's always had your back, or you might feel like your car isn't starting when it should. This is usually a sign that something has gone awry with Mercury's orbit around the sun.

How to Protect Yourself During Mercury Retrograde

There are some things you can do to minimize the impact of mercury retrograde on your life.

  • First off, avoid signing contracts during this time—it's just not worth it! You'll probably end up having to cancel them later anyway.

  • Don't make any important decisions about your finances or your career path; wait until after the retrograde period is over before taking action on anything related to these topics.

  • If you're traveling during the retrograde period, make sure to leave extra time for delays and changes in plans—you may find that your flight gets delayed or your Uber takes you on a long detour route before arriving at your destination (they'll probably think they're going to an alternate dimension).

  • Don't start new projects or make major life changes during this time period. It's best to play it safe and wait until after Mercury goes direct on October 2nd when things should start moving more smoothly again.

  • Wear an amethyst crystal around your neck during this time period, or keep shungite near your electronics. These crystals have been shown to block out electromagnetic radiation from computers and other devices.

Remedying Mercury Retrograde's Effects

What can you do to repair the damage from any mercury retrograde mishaps?Understanding how to turn it around can help us make the most of this highly influential transit.

  1. If you're having trouble communicating with someone who usually understands what you're saying, try sending them an email instead of calling them up on the phone—that way they can read. Just remember to triple-check that email!

  2. Stay organized. During this time, the Universe wants us to clean up our messes and get back on track with our goals and objectives. It's easier said than done, but if you're organized with your tasks ahead of time, you'll have less to worry about when Mercury goes retrograde.

  3. Make sure your phone, computer, and other devices are fully charged before Mercury goes into retrograde. You don't want them dying on you when you're in the middle of something important! And while it's tempting to just leave everything plugged in all day and night, resist that urge—you'll end up with an energy bill that's ten times bigger than normal. Instead, plug them in at night and let them charge throughout the next day.

Taking Advantage of Mercury Retrograde

Use this time period as an excuse to slow down your schedule.

While these disruptions can be inconvenient, they can also be used as an excuse to slow down your schedule and enjoy some quiet time with yourself. Take this time period as an opportunity to relax, unwind, and take it easy on yourself!

Treat yourself to a spa day, or go for a walk in nature. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with your body and the natural world around you.

Take advantage of Mercury Retrograde to reassess what isn’t working.

Good things about Mercury Retrograde: It's a great time to fix things that aren't working. It's a time to go back, revisit, and make the changes you need to make. It’s not always easy to identify what those things are, but if you can take advantage of this time to stop and reflect on the direction in which your life is headed, you can make some adjustments before Mercury goes direct again.

You'll find yourself noticing things you haven't noticed before.

You might be more aware of your surroundings, or the people around you. Or maybe you'll simply become more aware of the things that are going on inside your own head—like a feeling that's been nagging at you for a while, or an idea that's been brewing for some time.

The most challenging aspect of this transit is that it makes us question everything – even things that are already done! But when we look at things from different angles, we often find new solutions that work better than expected. This also gives us an opportunity for self-reflection and learning about ourselves as well as others around us.

Either way, it's a great time to embrace these moments of introspection and use them as an opportunity to reflect on who you are and where you want to go with your life.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to reconnect with the past.

The energy of Mercury Retrograde is like a deep-cleaning of your mental attic: you’re getting rid of old stuff, and making space for new things.

It's a great time to go through old boxes of photographs and letters, or to dig up old mementos from your childhood. You can also reflect on how you've changed over the years.

It’s also a time to revisit old relationships. It’s important to take some time to consider whether or not those relationships are still serving you well, or if it’s time to move on.

If you're a writer, speaker, teacher, or other type of intellectual, Retrograde Season could be your best friend.

If you've ever felt lost in a project because you just couldn't get your brain to cooperate, Mercury retrograde can be a blessing in disguise. It's an opportunity for artists and intellectuals alike to focus on their inner muse, get inspired by the beauty around them, and create something new out of thin air!

That's right—the planet Mercury isn't just the god of communication, but also rules how we interpret and communicate ideas and concepts. Mercury Retrograde can actually be an insanely productive time for creatives, and intellectuals alike. Because during this time Mercury turns retrograde and goes back in its orbit, your brain is doing the same thing: replaying old ideas and concepts to make sure they're still good ones. Mercury Retrograde isn't just about being able to see things from a new perspective—it's about being able to hear them, too.

It's important to remember that Mercury is also associated with learning, which means that even if things seem like they're going wrong, they could actually just be teaching us something valuable. This can also inspire you to revisit an old hobby or project, or take some time to read a book that you've always meant to get around to reading.

Once You Have The Right Tools and Knowledge, It's Not As Scary

It may seem like Mercury Retrograde is a difficult astrological occurrence to deal with, but it doesn't have to be. Sure, you may run into some hiccups here and there in your daily life, but with some careful planning, and a little bit of creativity, you can minimize the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde on your life. Hopefully, this article will help you do just that! Are you looking for extra tools to protect your energy this Retrograde season? That's why we put together this collection of products to help you navigate this Mercury Retrograde!

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