Our 'In the Cards' April 2021 collection is packed with items to make you fall in love with Tarot. Both initiate and experienced tarot readers can enjoy the items in this box, and expand your tool set in the art of intuitive reading.


For spoilers, check out the "What's in the box" session.

Photo by @wild.moonwitch

In The Cards Collection

  • This collection includes:

    • Golden Universal Tarot
    • Soul Spell Society's exclusive 'Card of The Day' card stand
    • The Quirky Cup Collective 'Magic' Velvet Tarot Bag
    • Soul Spell Society's exclusive Rider-Waite Tarot Coloring Book (Crayola Crayons included)
    • Blue Sodalite Mushroom Crystal
    • 3 Card Spread Poster Mat
    • Lemongrass Ritual Incense
    • Gingko Leaves from our Apothecary
    • Tarot Meaning Charts, to guide you in your readings