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This collection was released to subscribers on April 2022.


In Norse mythology, Freya is the Goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, material wealth, magic, witchcraft and death. She introduced magic into the realm of Gods, thus she is often dubbed as the 'Queen of Witches'. 

This collection is inspired by her power, as she is one of the most venerated Goddesses amongst Pagans.

Make offerings to Freyja if you're working on your love life, call upon her for protection, especially in dangerous situations, or set up a shrine decorating your altar with golden items, chocolate or honey, symbols of femininity and strength, or any other correspondences that resonates with your intentions.

For spoilers, check out the "What's in the box" session.



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  • This Collection Includes:

    • Freyja Resin Statue
    • Freyja Herbal Incense
    • Vegvisir Necklace
    • Freyja Love Attraction Spell Jar Kit
    • Artisinal Ritual Steel Knife
    • Elder Futhark Runes