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Explore the shadows through spell work.

Our shadow self can often be the roadblock that prevents us from reaching whom we wish to become. Ignoring it leads to further pain and anger, so we must accept that it's a part of us, as there is no light without darkness.

Albeit overwhelming, and sometimes scary, shadow work is rite of passage towards that acceptance and, consequently, healing. It might be the most important step one can take when seeking to find peace with the darkness within.

This simple spell kit focuses on acknowledging, exploring, and building a relationship with your shadow self.


LIGHT THE SHADOW | Shadow Work Spell Kit

    • Shadow Work Herb Blend
    • 'Deshadow' Shadow Work Oil Blend
    • 3 Black Spell Candles
    • Ceramic Spell Candle Holder (not featured in photo)
    • Spell Instructions

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