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And most importantly, we want to encourage a community, connecting you to practitioners from all around the world. So on top of Soul Spell exclusive items, our boxes carry brands and handmade items from other witches, creators, and small shops.


All witches start as a novice. And as we go further down our unique paths, the real lesson to be learned is that we never truly stop being an apprentice. There is so much to learn, discover, and experience in the realm of magick, so much knowledge and techniques to exchange with other witches, not only about the craft, but about ourselves. It is called a practice because it is just that: a practice.


We welcome you with an open heart, and are so happy that you are seeking to expand your world, inside and out. 


Blessed be.

Soul Spell Society


Enough of online forums, guess work, and endless research! We are here to serve as

your monthly guide & mentor.

Our very first box tier, The Novice, is carefully curated to meet the needs of initiates, serve as a refresher for returning mystics, and enrich the practice of experienced witches.


Every item has a purpose related to each month's theme, along with Soul Spell Society's exclusive kits, guides, and moon calendars, delivering the tools, supplies and information you need to get you on your way. 




Years later, and I still feel like I am a novice. So know that the wonder and curiosity you have right at this moment is the same as mine as I put together every single piece in each monthly theme. Along with love and intention.

I hope you love what's to come!


Love, magick & empathy

Mars Valentine


I felt overwhelmed, there was so much to learn! Where would I even begin?

Meet The Founder


Hello there! My (witch) name is Mars Valentine, I'm a Latina atheist eclectic witch, and I am so thrilled to connect with you!

I've been drawn to the path since childhood: I've read witchy books, tried all of the spells from the movie 'The Craft', even named my dog after a literary witch, Brida. However, the more I ventured towards adulthood, the more the magic in my life lessened, and I steered further and further away from my practice

It wasn't until 2018, after some personal hardships, that I heard the calling from within. My intuition was craving a reconnection, and so I listened. I took to my studies, scoured the internet for all of the endless information available, dug my nose into books, and set up my altar.




Through reading blogs and forums, I noticed how many other witches were feeling as lost as I was. And that's when the spark for Soul Spell Society was ignited. I wanted to create something that would serve as a guideline for other witchlings like me.


Because I am learning alongside you, I am a part of the group of people whom this box is tailored towards. Everything in these boxes, every information included, every lesson shared, is a piece of knowledge that I wish I had someone to teach me when I first started. 

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