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Connect with your higher self and the surrounding energy of spirit, and pass through the veil to seek answers to your pressing questions.

This unique Bullet shaped Pendulum will be your guide and tool throughout your divination work. Its shiny silver finishing is adorned with beautiful detailed carvings. Swing, move and watch the pendulum! It draws its own unique responses from your subconscious. Your intuition will show you what to do with the information given by using this tool.

Clear Quartz is a soul stone and can help you to understand past life or present events. It is one of the most popular crystals among spiritual and energy workers, due to its ability to enhance spirituality, clarity and concentration. Known as the "master healer," Clear quartz helps amplify any energy or intention. It provides clarity when you need it most.A versatile crystal, harnessing a Clear Quartz pendulum has plenty benefits:

Protects against negative energy
Stimulates concentration
Enhances psychic abilities
Encourages spiritual growth
Clears away negative energy
Clarifies the spiritual, mental and physical planes

Your pendulum comes secured in a sturdy small box, and includes an informational card to help you get started.

Add our 6" Yes/No/Maybe pentagram pendulum board to your order and complete your set!

Clear Quartz Bullet Pentacle Pendulum