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A beautiful addition to any alter or sacred space, handcrafted in wood, this Triple Moon shelf will elevate your decor, holding all your tumbled crystals and stones on display.

It’s impossible not to have an ever growing crystal collection, or to gather natural tokens such as stones, shells, and any other curio you might find on your nature walks or travels. They might wind up lost or forgotten in drawers,l and chests, or even become a pile of oblivion when placed on dishes. Having a proper shelving area to give them proper visibility is the best way to honor your pieces of energy.

Speaking of energy, having them on display let’s their vibrations reign free, and having them in sight gives you the opportunity to interact with your crystals more often, binding with your stone and letting your magick tune in to its frequency.

Triple Moon Crystal Shelf

  • 8”x5”x1.58”

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