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This statement piece is a sharp, hand-carved, shiny black glass stone, historically worn by warriors.

A symbol of self-control and resilience, the Obsidian Arrowhead was used in battle thousands of years ago to aid healing.

This piece is hand-wrapped in golden wire, creating an elegant contrast against the vitreous deep black of the stone.

Bundle your pendant with our .6mm box chain gold plated sterling silver chains.


Obsidian is born from the force and power of the volcano, forming during rapid cooling of lava. It takes on a glassy texture and darkens into a beautiful black color that can manifest as a semi-transparent glassy stone.

Historically it was crafted for tools and weapons, soon attracting fascination for its metaphysical properties. Its sharp edges became synonymous of magickal swords against negative energy, with its power of piercing darkness to find the light.

Obsidian’s connection to the soul of warriors is evident due to being a sword, a shield and a guard against dark powers, as it’s reflective shiny surface protects its carrier while sending negativity to sender and blocking psychic attacks. Its volcanic origin connects to Earth’s raw energy, making this stone a strong tool for grounding.

Its polished mirror-like appearance was adopted in practices like scrying and divination, used for looking into the future with crystal-clear clarity or reaching the spiritual realm.

It’s mirroring look is what gives this stone the power to reveal truths and secrets, with the ability to bring clearness to the mind while creating space for answers to your deepest questions.

Wearing Obsidian as your jewelry can conduct awareness to any negative energy you want to let go. Carry it with you whenever you need support on your healing journey. Allow it to comfort your spirit, as it builds determination and dissipates fear and doubt.

Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace

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