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Bring out the alchemist within you and elevate your vibration with our Samhain inspired Aura Cleansing kit.


With a harmonious mixture of rose water with an organic essential oil blend with earthy hints of floral and citrus, this spray brings a balanced  formula to assist with space or individual cleansing, releasing blocked and/or negative energy.


The Aura Cleansing spray is perfect for a quick energy reset or when your spirit is feeling low. It helps with release, bringing lightness and joy. Spritz it whenever you're in need of a break, before or after pulling cards, journaling, or performing a ritual. 

Smoke-free, spray cleansing is great for those who can't burn incense, or are on the go, perfect for keeping in your bag, car, or workplace.

This kit includes all of the ingredients needed to fabricate your own spray, pouring your own magick, making it unique to you. Mindfully pour the ingredients one at a time while setting your intentions, add water, and spray away.

Aura Cleansing Spray Kit

Out of Stock
    • Rose Water
    • Organic Essential Oil Blended with Intention
    • 2oz BPA free Spray Bottle
    • Black Velvet Travel Pouch
    • Instruction Card
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