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Love is all around, but sometimes we need a little light to see it.

Freyja is well known for being love & sex positive, and inspired by her embracing of all things love, our spell kit packs that energy to help you attract more of it into your life.

Rituals designed to attract Love are often associated with romance, but oh it can be so much more than that! One can call in abundance of love for themselves, for a family member, for their job or career, for their home, for their deity, and even when in search for the zest for life. And of course, this kit can also be meant to attract a new love or to renew your love for a partner. Your intention is the key to which door you wish to open wide.

Our spell kit includes a heart-shaped candle, a mini scroll for intention setting, aventurine crystals and 6 herbs, properly labeled with the energy they bring. You can pick and choose which ones serves your manifestation best, or use them all!

Also included is a beautiful heart-shaped glass jar, because why not combine our witchy love for jars with a design aesthetically pleasing to be set on display on your shelf, desk or altar?

With easy to follow detailed instructions, this kit won’t leave behind the most novice of witches or the casual manifesting soul.

Freyja Love Spell Kit

  • Soul Spell Society's products and spell kits are intended for use as aids in spiritual and ritual work. We are not responsible or liable for the effectiveness of the products sold by Soul Spell Society and/or Metaphysical outcomes are not implied or guaranteed by using these items. Albeit sourcing high quality ingredients from reliable suppliers, our herbal and apothecary products are not FDA regulated, everyone responds differently to herbs and oils thus handle these items

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