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🌙 Embrace the captivating essence of Freyja. Invoke her potent energy and infuse your space with the divine presence of this powerful deity.


✨ In Norse mythology, Freyja reigns over realms of love, beauty, fertility, and material wealth. As the 'Queen of Witches,' she introduced magic to the gods, making her a revered figure for those seeking mystical guidance.


🔮 Connect with the enchanting energy of Freyja by making offerings and invoking her assistance in matters of love, protection, or when navigating dangerous situations. Create a sacred shrine adorned with golden items, chocolate or honey, symbols of femininity and strength, or other correspondences aligned with your intentions.


📚 Enhance your understanding of Freyja's lore and symbolism with the included informational card, providing insights into her rich mythology and significance in ancient Norse culture.


💫 Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our statue features a distressed copper finish, capturing the goddess's alluring presence. The dimensions of the statue are 7.87x3.74x1.77in, making it an eye-catching addition to your altar or home decor.


🌿 Made from high-quality resin, this exquisite statue ensures durability and preserves its beauty over time.


🌙 Invite the magic and wisdom of Freyja in your sacred space, home, or office, and experience the transformative energy of this beloved Norse goddess.


Material: Resin with distressed copper finish
Dimensions: 7.87x3.74x1.77in


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Freyja Statue