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Don’t let the retrograde have power over you in its next season.

Mercury in retrograde is a challenging season, filled with miscommunications, disarray, plans falling through, tech and gadgets not functioning properly, and a stream of utter bad luck.

For witches, turning to spell work can offer the energetic protection needed to survive each retrograde season, and candle spells are often a quick, easy and effective ritual for such event.

Candle magick is driven by the element of fire, which represents transformation, the type of energy that encourages and expedites changes.

Color is also a key element when working with candles, as the act of burning activates its energy.

Our spell candle calls in the power of yellow, as it brings clarity, dismisses mental blocks (bye-bye mercury brain fog), and most importantly, opens communication.

Added to the candle are mercury influenced essential oils, raspberry leaves and rosemary, to offer extra protection.

Instructions for a 7 day spell is included.

Mercury in Retrograde Spell Candle

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  • Burn candles in a heat proof container. Never leave burning candles unattended.

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