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As much well-deserved attention the Full Moon receives, there is much beauty in the New Moon phase. It initiates a cycle of beginnings, being the perfect time to start fresh, set new intentions, desire the brain into manifestation mode, or reset goals.

This phase is the perfect setup for bringing clarity to your intentions, brainstorm new goals, and to bring forth ideas into your consciousness. One of the best tools to do so is through journaling and/or free writing. 5 or 10 minutes of meeting your thoughts full pages can help new paths emerge through words.

Journaling is also a powerful manifestation method, as you bring hidden desires into the real world.

To serve as a guidance tool, this 31 journaling prompt card deck is designed to bring you inspiration and set a theme for each new moon season. Shuffle the deck and pick on or two cards to inspire and guide your thoughts for the month ahead.

Beautifully designed and printed on to high-quality soft touch cards, the backing depicts mystic designs in shiny silver.

The deck includes a silk bag not only for safe storage, but to also help you blindly pick your card, all wrapped in a sturdy box with a silver bow.

Let the universe hear your dreams!

Reach your goals with intention!

Set the tone for the month ahead!

Embrace the potent energy of a new moon, and let your intuition surprise you!

New Moon Journal Prompt Card Deck


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