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Celebrate the Spring Equinox and Sabbat, welcoming the season of rebirth and reawakening the dormant power at rest during winter.

Flower infused, this handcrafted oil blend brings in the energy of Mother Earth in bloom to your rituals devoted to renewal, fertility or new beginnings.

It captures the refreshing vibrations of life coming to be, with its blend of floral tones and a hint of Rosemary to create balance.

Dress your ritual tools or altar decor as you set and prepare them for the Ostara celebrations.

Add a few droplets to your intention candles or spells to call in Spring blessings and the life-giving force of the Sun.

Landing on March 20th, Ostara is about celebrating the balance of the extremes, and moving forward towards warmer and sunnier days as we feel the Earth awaken.

Ostara Anointing Oil

  • Organic Almond & Coconut Oil

    Dried Roses


    Essential Oils

    • Bergamot
    • Neroli
    • Geranium
    • Rose
    • Rosemary

    *Soul Spell Society's tinctures and oils are handcrafted in the USA with organic ingredients, infused with love and intention.

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