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🕯️ Harness the Power of Magick with our Sacred Salt Lamp 🕯️

Experience the transformative energy of intention and magick with our compact and discrete Himalayan salt lamp.


Standing at a height of 3.5", this natural lamp emits a beautiful pink hue, radiating warm amber and red-colored light when illuminated. Its organic boho aesthetic is enhanced by the wooden stand, while the naturally aged metal pentacle design adds an ancient industrial edge to this enchanting piece.


✨ The Sacred Pentacle: Symbol of the Elements ✨


The pentacle is a powerful neopagan and Wiccan symbol representing the five elements: water, earth, air, fire, and spirit. It holds deep meaning as a symbol of the sacred and mystical number five, connecting you to the natural forces that shape our world. 


💫 Benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp 💫


1️⃣ Natural Deodorizer and Air Cleanser: Beyond its decorative appeal, the Himalayan salt lamp acts as a natural air purifier. Through the process of hygroscopy, it attracts water molecules from the environment, absorbing them along with any foreign particles they may carry. As the lamp heats up, the moisture evaporates, trapping dust, pollen, smoke, and other impurities within the salt, leaving the air around you fresh and revitalized.


2️⃣ Increased Energy Levels: Many attribute their sense of revitalization and increased energy to the presence of Himalayan salt lamps. This is thanks to the negative ions generated by the lamp's heat. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that, when inhaled, have been known to boost positive energy, alleviate stress, relieve depression, and improve mood. As the lamp's heat evaporates the water, the positive ions become charged and transform into negative ions, infusing your space with positive vibes.


3️⃣ Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation: Our daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EM) from electronic devices can have detrimental effects on our well-being. The negative ions emitted by the salt lamp help neutralize this radiation, creating a healthier environment. By placing the lamp near your desk or in your bedroom, you can mitigate the negative impact of EM radiation, reducing stress levels, combating chronic fatigue, and enhancing your body's immune response.


4️⃣ Improved Mood and Sleep: Overexposure to positive ions in the air can disrupt concentration and sleep patterns. Positively charged particles can reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in irregular sleep and decreased focus. Himalayan pink salt lamps act as a natural remedy, counteracting the effects of positive ions and promoting a more balanced environment. Experience enhanced mood and restful sleep as you embrace the soothing glow of our sacred salt lamp.


🎁 Included with Your Lamp 🎁


To facilitate your connection with this sacred tool, your Himalayan salt lamp comes with a USB cord and a light bulb. 


Each salt lamp is a unique creation of nature, and its size, shape, and color may vary slightly. 

Pentacle Salt Lamp

  • 3.5”x3 3/4x3 3/4