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Color your way to a deeper connection with the classic Rider Waite Tarot cards. Running the colors through every detail, being creative with your choices, familiarize yourself with every detail of each card through art.

This book includes all 78 cards of the classic deck, both major and minor arcana, along with a description of what each card represents, adding further insight as to their meanings and the ideal colors for that depiction. A pack of 8 primary color crayons is included with your order, so you can get started right away!

Color is an integral part of tarot reading. It's not just about using the right color to represent a card, it's also about understanding how different colors interact with each other, and what they mean when they appear together.

When you're learning tarot and trying to interpret what a card means, you can use color as a guide. If you're having trouble connecting with a particular card and want to know if it might be telling you something else, try looking at it through the lens of color.

For example, you might find that if your card has a green background, it represents financial stability or abundance—and if it has red on it instead, then those things won't happen right away (or at all).

This coloring book will assist you in learning all about the different meanings of each color in a tarot reading—and how to incorporate them into your own readings!

Tarot Coloring Book

  • 9x6" with 80 pages

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