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Seek the wisdom of the Crone, and deepen your spiritual experience.

Fragrant and earthy, our ‘The Crone’ loose incense blend captures the qualities of one of the facets of the Triple Goddess.

It creates an atmosphere of power and high vibration, creating an immersive sense of cleared energy and heightened intuition.

Hand blended with high grade herbs and resin, ‘The Crone’ focuses on enhancing spellwork, offering protection, promoting psychic abilities, developing insight, and creating a knowledge seeking space.

Frankincense | A potent aid in empowering intellectual and spiritual strength, making it an ideal resin to burn when performing spells and rituals.

Dragon’s Blood | The protective Dragon’s blood is ideal to increase the potency of spellwork, in special manifestation, love, or healing spells.

Myrrh | Myrrh aids the practices of meditation and contemplation, widely used in healing rituals.


Fennel Seeds | Protective and purifying, Fennel Seeds helps with clearing the space and ward off evil to create an ideal environment prior to performing and magick or ritual.


Peppermint | Extremely versatile, Peppermint has many uses in Magick. It increases the vibrations of a space or in spells for healing & purification. The herb is great to aid in psychic development, divination, and attracting good luck.


Bay Leaf | The wish granting plant, it is a bringer of visions and wisdom. Bay leaves attract success, amplify healing, all while offering protection, making it an ideal addition for spellwork, to ensure it gives the intended result.

Scoop a small amount and place it onto the charcoal disc.

The Crone Loose Incense Blend

  • 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.8 inch

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